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Began:hu is premium natural soap and cosmetic
Which contains only superior material for the best effectiveness
based on optimal combination of term research efforts


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Total hair care Acid balanced Treatment 500ml

Smooth Hair Texture / Intensive Nutrition Care / Glossy shine

Beganhu Total Hair care treatment is oriental natural herbal base for hair growth and hair loss solution, which is made from 16 selected oriental herb and berry fruits. With natural ingredients with proven clinical evidence of hair growth beganhu Total Hair care shampoo will help strengthen the hair leaving it looking healther and more vibrant with acid balanced.


  • Smooth Hair texture
  • Intensive Nutrition care
  • Glossy shine

Concept Focus

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  • : Ph 5.5~6.5 acid balanced gently hair care
  • : Anthocyanin of berry for hair & scalp aging care
  • : Prevention of hair loss & hair growth
  • : Pure & safety hair care without detrimental ingredients
  • : 16 kind of herb&berry for hair nourishes care

Main Ingredients

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